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Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the early Stuart Church, II, 1625-42. ed. Kenneth Fincham, 1998.

The second of two volumes of visitation articles and injunctions issued by archbishops, bishops, archdeacons, and other ecclesiastical ordinaries in the early Stuart church. This volume concentrates on the church of Charles I from his accession in 1625 to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1642; it traces the impact of Laudian reforms as well as the defensive reaction of the church hierarchy in 1641-2. Some of the articles and most of the injunctions have never  been printed before. The range of churchmanship included here is broad, stretching from the articles and injunctions of Laudian enthusiasts such as Bishops Wren and Montagu to those issued by Calvinists episcopalians such as Hall and Thornborough. The introduction places these texts in their historical and historiographical contexts, and an appendix lists all surviving sets of visitation articles for the years 1603-42.
Kenneth Fincham is senior lecturer in history at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

ISBN 0 85115 518 9.  Price: 40 (Members: 25).

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