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Our publications on the Boydell and Brewer website.

  1. Kenneth Fincham, Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church, vol.1, 1994.  £60.  (£30)*†
  2. Jeremy Gregory, The Speculum of Archbishop Thomas Secker: the Diocese of Canterbury, 1758–1768, 1995. £60.  (£30)*
  3. Sarah Brewer, The Early Letters of Bishop Richard Hurd, 1739–1762, 1995.  £75.  (£37.50)*
  4. Andrew Chandler, Brethren in Adversity: Bishop George Bell, the Church of England and the Crisis of German Protestantism, 1933–1939, 1997.  £60.  (£30)*
  5. Kenneth Fincham, Visitation Articles and Injunctions of the Early Stuart Church, vol. 2, 1998.  £60.  (£30)*
  6. Gerald Bray, The Anglican Canons, 1529–1947, 1998.  £95.  (£47.50)*
  7. Stephen Taylor, From Cranmer to Davidson. A Church of England Miscellany, 1999.  £60.  (£30)*
  8. Gerald Bray, Tudor Church Reform: the Henrician Canons of 1535 and the Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum, 2000.  £95.  (£47.50)*
  9. Susan Mumm, All Saints Sisters of the Poor. An Anglican Sisterhood in the Nineteenth Century, 2001.  £60.  (£30)*
  10. Patrick Collinson, John Craig and Brett Usher, Conferences and Combination Lectures in the Elizabethan Church. Dedham and Bury St. Edmunds, 1582–1590, 2003.  £60.  (£30)*
  11. Tom Webster and Kenneth Shipps, The Diary of Samuel Rogers, 1634–1638, 2004.  £60.  (£30)*
  12. Mark Smith and Stephen Taylor, Evangelicalism in the Church of England c.1790–c.1890, 2004.  £60.  (£30)*
  13. Anthony Milton, The British Delegation and the Synod of Dort, 1618–19, 2005.  £75.  (£37.50)*
  14. Henrietta Blackmore, The Beginning of Women's Ministry. The Revival of the Deaconess in the Nineteenth-Century Church of England, 2007. £60  (£30)*
  15. G. M. Ditchfield, The Letters of Theophilus Lindsey (1728–1808), vol. 1, 2007.  £90.  (£45)*
  16. Michael Snape, The Back Parts of War. The Y.M.C.A. Memoirs and Letters of Barclay Baron, 1915–1919. 2009.  £60.  (£30)*
  17. Susan Hardman Moore, The Diary of Thomas Larkham, 1647–1669. 2011. £70. (£35)*
  18. Melanie Barber and Stephen Taylor, with Gabriel Sewell, From the Reformation to the Permissive Society. A Miscellany in Celebration of the 400th Anniversary of Lambeth Palace Library. 2010. £100. (£50)*
  19. G. M. Ditchfield The Correspondence of the Revd Theophilus Lindsey (1723–1808). Volume II: 1789–1808. 2012.  £100. (£50).*
  20. Natalie Mears, Alasdair Raffe, Stephen Taylor and Philip Williamson (with Lucy Bates), National Prayers. Special Worship since the Reformation. Volume 1: Special Prayers, Fasts and Thanksgivings in the British Isles 1533–1688.   2013.  £100. (£50)*
  21. Andrew Atherstone, The Journal of Bishop Daniel Wilson of Calcutta, 1845-1857. 2014. £70. (£35)*
  22. Philip Williamson, Alasdair Raffe, Stephen Taylor and Natalie Mears, National Prayers. Special Worship since the Reformation. Volume II: General Fasts, Thanksgivings and Special Prayers in the British Isles, 1689–1870. 2017. £120. (£60).*
  23. Kenneth Fincham, The Further Correspondence of William Laud. 2017. £75. (£37.50).*
  24. Leonie James, The Household Accounts of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1635–1642. 2019. £70 (£35)*
  25. Peter Howson, The First World War Diaries of the Rt. Rev. Llewellyn Gwynne, July 1915 – July 1916. 2019. £70 (£35)*
  26. Philip Williamson, Alasdair Raffe, Stephen Taylor and Natalie Mears,  National Prayers. Special Worship since the Reformation, Volume 3: Worship for National and Royal Occasions in the United Kingdom, 1871-2016  £120 (£60)*
  27. Tom Reid, The Restoration of the Church of England: Canterbury Diocese and the Archbishop's Peculiars. 2022. £70
Outside the main series the Society has published:
  • Patrick Collinson, The History of a History Man. Or, the Twentieth Century from a Safe Distance. 2011.
    Out of print. Published by The Boydell Press, in association with the Church of England Record Society:
  • The Records of Convocation, ed. Gerald Bray. 20 vols, 2006.††
* indicates reduced price to members wishing to purchase back numbers or additional copies. Members should send orders for back copies to the Honorary Treasurer.
† now available as print on demand.       
†† please contact Boydell and Brewer Ltd for details of these volumes.

The following proposals for editions have been accepted for publication:
  • The Correspondence and Papers of Archbishop Richard Neile, 1598–1640, ed. Andrew Foster.
  • The Restoration of the Church of England: the Diocese of Canterbury, 1663. ed. Tom Reid.
  • The Correspondence of William Sancroft, ed. Grant Tapsell.
  • The 1669 Return of Nonconformist Conventicles, ed. David Wykes.
  • The Sermons of the Revd John Sharp, ed. Françoise Deconinck-Brossard.
  • The Correspondence of Francis Blackburne, ed. G. M. Ditchfield.
  • The Papers of the Elland Society 1769–1818, ed. John Walsh and StephenTaylor.
  • The Letters and Papers of William Paley, ed. Neil Hitchin.
  • The Correspondence and Papers of Charles Simeon, ed. Andrew Atherstone.
  • The Diary of an Oxford Parson: the Revd John Hill, Vice-Principal of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, 1805–1808, 1820–1855, ed. Grayson Carter.
  • Correspondence of Archbishop Lang with Bishop Wilfrid Parker, ed. Garth Turner.
  • Shaping the Jacobean Religious Settlement: The Hampton Court Conference 1604, ed. Mark Byford and K. Fincham.
  • National Prayers. Special Worship since the Reformation, Volume 4:  Days of Prayer and Special Prayer in Britain 1872–2002.
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