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Brethren in Adversity: Bishop George Bell, the Church of England and the Crisis of German Protestantism, 1933-1939, ed. Andrew Chandler, 1997. Reprinted 2005.

Throughout the middle years of the 20th century, George Bell, bishop of Chichester, 1929-57, was deeply involved in the ecumenical movement and the political life of Europe. His sustained commitment to German affairs was demonstrated by his ten visits to Germany between 1928 and 1957. These are documented in his papers; some of his reports were a purely personal aide-memoir and others were circulated confidentially to fellow church leaders. Together with other related sources in Lambeth Palace Library, they provide extraordinary insights into the struggles of the German churches during and after the Third Reich. Equally, they demonstrate the profound difficulties that English Christians faced in coming to terms with a very different Protestant Christianity, and a disturbingly violent political culture.

Andrew Chandler is director of the George Bell Institute, Queen’s College, Birmingham.

ISBN 0 85115 692 4.  Price: 40  (Members: 25).

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