Church of England Record Society

The Church of England Record Society was founded in 1991 and aims to promote interest in and knowledge of the Church of England from the 16th century onwards.  Since 1994, the Society has published volumes illustrating all periods of church history since the Reformation.

The publications include editions of letters, diaries, treatises, visitation articles, or other documents and are important sources for ecclesiastical, social and political history.

Members of the Society receive a free copy of the Society's annual publication and are invited to the Annual General Meeting and lecture.  The lecture is given by an established scholar, often associated with the Society’s publications.

We welcome applications for membership.  More information on the Society, publications and membership and links to further useful sites can be found on the following pages.

AGM was held on Monday 8th July 2019.
Professor Stephen Taylor, of the University of Durham, gave the Annual Lecture entitled "Why study the history of the Church? Reflections on English history from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century".

Please click here for the Society's Annual Report for 2018.

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